We are RUSH, a LGBTQ+ centered Nightclub & Lounge with an electro-swing theme on the Crystal data center


crystal ✧ mateus ✧ the mist
ward 29 ✧ plot 30 ✧ the mist


9 PM EST - 12 AM EST

carrd template by cassiaslair.


be sure to adhere to the venue rules to ensure a good time for all patrons & staff. failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave, or banned.

  1. first and foremost: this is an 18+ venue. you must be 18+, both IC & OOC, to enter & purchase services.

  2. we have a strict no tolerance policy for: bigotry (homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc), lalafell lewding of ANY kind, harassment, drama, etc. have common sense, do not be disgusting.

  3. please refrain from using /shout or /yell channels. these are strictly reserved for staff members to making important announcements periodically during operation hours.

  4. please refrain from spamming your emotes, or being a general nuisance. please do not come into our venue to troll, or grief our staff & patrons. no spamming of emotes, no harassment of anyone, no spamming abilities, etc. please conduct yourself respectfully on our premises.

  5. please be kind to our patrons & staff. do not harass them in any way, shape, or form.

  6. please keep your weapons & minions sheathed & hidden. this venue does not allow weapons or minions on the premises.

  7. if you are found to be harassing anyone, you will be asked to leave. this applies to paid sessions as well. if you make the staff uncomfortable, they are within their right to end the session & ask you to leave.

  8. we do not issue refunds of services in cases of harassment or boundaries being crossed. please be sure that you are obtaining consent for anything you RP, & that you are clear about what you are going to be writing. if you spring something on our staff without consent & make them uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave & you will not be receiving a refund. for more serious cases, you may be banned.

  9. failure to comply with these rules may result in you being asked to leave, or banned. to ensure we all enjoy ourselves, please try your best to conduct yourself respectfully.


our available services, which may vary from staff to staff. be sure to check in with individual staff to see what they offer, or what they're willing to do. they are free to deny any service as they see fit.


  • before beginning or inquiring about any services, be sure that you have the consent of the staff member of your choice. we recommend that you take the time to approach the staff member face-to-face and speak to them prior to making an attempt to book them.

  • all sessions are priced by the hour and by the dancer, but are available in 30 minute increments with price increases by half or full hour. for erp, you must book for a minimum of an hour.

  • please note that while services are offered in out venue, the main experience is the music and atmosphere. our dancers and staff are there to add to this experience and you are not obligated to book any of our dancers nor are the dancers obligated to take a booking from you. we want to make this experience as fun as we can for our guests and patrons alike.


Our dancers can be booked for a private dance (completely SFW). SFW dances do not feature any nudity or sexual touches, so if you're looking for just a little bit of spice, then this is for you! Check with the dancer of your choosing for their booking rates! These dancers will sport a yellow tag while in game.


Captivated by a dancer and want something a bit more intimate? All of our employees sporting a green tag are available for such things! Just like with our SFW bookings, each employee has their own rates for bookings, so check with them before getting down to the grind.


SO, you wanna be a RUSH VIP? WE GOT YOU!For a one-time price of 5 million Gil, you too can have:-Access to our VIPs only section of our Discord!
-Access to our Mare Syncshell!
-A custom RUSH tank top!
-3 FREE posed photos in RUSH's official photo booth each month! (Resets on the 1st of each month)
Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our venue! As we grow, there will likely be more rewards and benefits added to this list, so be sure to stay tuned.


want to book our venue and/or staff members for an event?
here are our prices.

  • VENUE RENTAL: 2 mil per hour.

  • STAFF RENTAL: 300k per staff member per hour.

  • ROOM RENTAL: like our rooms and want to spend an evening in one during our hours? you can rent a room out for 300k per hour.


a list of the lovely staff working under our roof.

yellow (LFM) tags = sfw rp only

green (LFP) tags = erp friendly.please be sure to obtain the staff member's consent first before any services are rendered.


owner | erp ✓ | gay
"respond to every call that excites your spirit"


owner | erp ✓ | straight
"I'm not shy, I'll say it: you look like a fucking painting."


owner | erp ✓ | lesbian
"once shaken, twice stirred"


dancer | erp ✓ | "straight"
"so, baby, come light me up and maybe I'll let you on it"


bartender | erp ✓ | gay
"my eyes are up here. yes, I understand your neck hurts."


dancer | erp ✓ | gay
"this one thinks these ones gave this one too much to drink..."


dancer | erp ✓ | gay
"no bad story starts with a glass of milk."


dancer | erp ✓ | straight
"whatever goes."


photographer | erp ✗ | heterosexual
"like a flower, she is soft, loving, kind and beautiful. at least, that's what mum tells me."


dancer | erp ✓ | pansexual
"a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."


dancer | erp ✓ | bisexual
"it only hurts for a little, that's what magicks and bandages are for"


dancer | erp ✓ | queer
"the earth has its music for all who will listen."